EP Reinvention – Championing people seeking change

In these most difficult of times, there will many wondering what lies next for them in their careers and futures.

This pandemic is impacting on talents from C-suite down to leaders across all hospitality disciplines. There are many senior players who feel saddened by the people and teams they have seen be lost from their businesses. There are many middle executives who are wondering about their futures. The only clear truth is that there will be no business nor individual who will be unaffected by the crisis.

It is our belief that this is the right time to launch a bespoke, personal service that really does work alongside both companies and talent to find the right roads forward for them. It is understandable. When many feel lost, they want a personal connection, personal representation, support.

It has long been said that everyone will need to reinvent themselves 3 x during their careers. After this period, it will be a challenge that may will face and it will not be easy.

Our role is to work alongside those seeking to find new purpose and roles, help them find a new way road. We will actively promote great talent from across the industry as they seek to reinvent their careers.

It is the same with companies. Many will need to think differently on the way that they manage talent, and in the way that they communicate. Some will seek new partners, others will seek fresh thinking, others new expertise to aid their rebuilding process.

EP reinvention is about expert facilitation which aids business. We work with and represent some exceptional talents seeking career change as well as some of the Industry’s leading experts who can offer great insights.

It is a time for rebuilding and reinventing what went before.
For more information please contact iwona.drozdz@epmagazine.co.uk