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There is so much change taking place and so often the narrative is dominated by the same voices. It is understandable that any narrative is dominated by leadership teams across the industry but at the same time, historically, the narratives were also driven by younger and diverse voices. If the average age of a board director has increased by twenty years, so it is natural that younger visions become more diluted and lost.

For senior players, just ask yourself how old you were you when you first took on a director title? How many in your organisation today are of the same level at that age?

Research does suggest that there is a 15-20 year difference. There is a danger that we do not hear new ideas which will challenge us, provoke new thinking and create positive change.

Our view is that there is a value, and importance, in providing a platform for younger and more diverse voices to also present their thoughts and visions on the industry. EP is privileged to have a weekly readership in excess of 6,000 senior players so lets give younger and globally diverse talents the opportunity to have their say, share their thoughts and ideas for the future. You may disagree with some comments and content but it will at the very least be thought-provoking and fresh.

We are therefore delighted to be working with a number of leading hotel schools such as Les Roches and The Edge Hotel School as well as a range of emerging talents from across the world to start presenting new perspectives from those who will be in future leadership teams. To give such talents the opportunity to be heard today will help them and the industry for the future.

If you would like to learn more or to get involved, then please do not hesitate to contact us.