Spotted This Week – What Causes Action?

The dream is that customers use your services because they are excited and eager to simply engage. Sadly the reality is the call to action, which should make them become a customer, is very different. Action, in the B2B market, is caused by several combined activities which are not always in the full control of a business.

It does take a leap to try something which will provide an insight or inspiration but these risks can take off and growth can be found.

Action can mean change and change means fear so often companies are motivated by the fear of loss as much as they are by the desire for gain.

On a national scale we witness many asking the public to take action. A recent example is the Change4Life campaign by Public Health England. Their ‘Sugar Smart’ app allows consumers to scan bar codes of products to reveal how much sugar is in everyday food and drink. The app displays the total sugar in cubes and grams.
They hope it make the public take action and reduce their sugar intake by providing real-time information on the food they are buying and consuming.

The campaign was shown on television, online and outdoor advertising and the aim is for people to take action by providing them with further knowledge on the sheer amount of sugar in some products. Various components have been used to put together the campaign and success can be measured by app downloads, social engagement and supermarket trends.

Will it work? Time will tell, but the desire for a certain action is clear.

Market Research?
If a company isn’t prepared to take action than why measure anything? Analytics helps make a better informed decision but without being prepared to act, is it a wasted use of time?

The argument against taking action can be quelled at nearly every point of doubt. It’s possible to find a reason to stay put, to skip an opportunity, or to decline an offer. But in retrospect, it’s hard to remember why no was chosen over yes, when yes would have been successful.

Action should be taken when there is a desire for something better, taking on something the competitor is afraid of and genuinely engaging with the customer.

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