Time for international opportunities and change

A Time for International Opportunity and Change

As the market has recovered this year, EP has been working with and is in discussions with an increasing number of international countries that either are seeking to develop good working relationships with key UK companies, investors and individuals or to raise awareness within the UK of some of their leading operations and products.

As we write, EP is meeting with a number of embassies from around the world, discussing how it can support this process and how we can help build links between leaders of the UK hospitality sector and their country.

RasmusThe world has changed and there are new opportunities coming to the fore. Next week one of the team is flying to Central Europe to meet with the leading Hospitality and Tourism association of that country to discuss this as well as visit a number of leading operations to discuss cooperation.

OperaOver the last year, EP has enjoyed worked with Rasmus Bo Bojesen, one of the World’s great chocolatiers and founder of Oialla, who has a catering business that operates at Copenhagen’s Royal Opera House and Houses of Parliament. He also oversaw the catering for the Eurovision Song Contest last May. Oialla is a luxury brand of chocolate that is now being supplied to a number of leading London operations.

EP has also been working closely with various operations in Slovakia. Last month, one of the team visited one of the country’s leading spa operations to learn more about the spa industry in Slovakia and learn about their rich heritage in this area. Earlier this year, EP also met and visited with one of this country’s leading Vodka producers and a craft beer producer that is winning many international awards for their product. Both Denmark and Slovakia possess great histories in hospitality and possessing many world class products.

Next week, EP is hosting a forum on the market in the subcontinent and specifically discussing the opportunity in India for the growth of mid-market hotels. One of the most thought provoking facts is that that there are more hotel rooms in Manhattan than the whole of India and yet it is one of the most populous countries in the world with annual GDP growth in the region of 6%. The forum will hear from two young entrepreneurs that have launched a budget hotel concept in India – Eco Hotels – which is ecologically friendly, as well as possessing the basis of a brand that can be developed throughout India and other emerging countries. It will be a fascinating session as the two entrepreneurs possess a clear vision of what could be achieved in India but also have strong social consciousness’s as their work contributes far more broadly to society than just in building the business. This is a new era and they represent the modern time.

EP has also been delighted to be involved and support the launch of a new marketing consortium for the great boutique hotels around the world in conjunction with The World Boutique Hotel Awards. There are some superb properties that need support and help in engaging with the market.

This is a time of new horizons and new opportunities. To learn more and to get involved, please contact Nicole Thompson

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