Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week.

Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. Cat lovers around the world rejoice! This brilliant video of a cat saving a toddler from an angry dog certainly makes a good argument for the feline kind.
  2. What do a toy military tank, cut-outs of huge zoo animals and a giant digital camera all have in common? Well in Chongqing they are all features of the most unusual public toilets found in China.
  3. Losing weight is usually a positive thing but it resulted in tremendous difficulties for Ross Connor. Previously 21 stones, he shed so much weight at a boxing camp in Thailand that border guards refused to let him fly home citing he looked too unlike the official photos taken of him on arrival.
  4. Most people can’t wait to get out of secondary school which is why police were surprised to arrest Charity Johnson a 34-year-old woman who was posing as a 15-year-old student at a high school in East Texas.
  5. ”Find your success on Gumtree” is one of the company’s latest advertisements. Perhaps they should change it to “Find your date on Gumtree” as that is exactly what this mother of a Cambridge University student tried to do for her son by posting an ad looking for a ‘talkative blonde’ to accompany him to the uni ball. The lucky lady should be glad to know if she meets all the requirements, including being honest, sincere and aged between 19-22, she is promised a memorable evening.
  6. Three university students in the New York found that shopping a second-hand store can really pay off when they found more than £20,000 in cash in a used couch they bought for their apartment. The money, stuffed in named envelopes, was actually the life-savings of a grandmother who used it as her safe and whose grandchildren thought they were doing her a favour when they surprised her with an upgrade.
  7. Today, 27 schools in France allowed boys to take a stance against sexism in a rather unusual way. Schoolboys were given the option to ditch their trousers for the day and replace them with a skirtas part of a movement called ‘Lift the Skirt’. We hope no school kids take the campaign name too seriously.
  8. Instructions can be easily misunderstood which is why this store has come up with a clever sign to stop married couples from fighting about nuances between paint colours.
  9. Have you ever wondered whether ironing could be done on top of a boulder? Did you know there is a manual on how to make your own fancy coffin? The Mirror’s list of 20 Weirdest Books is a treasure trove of the strange literary subjects that actually made it to publication.
  10. And finally, if you think you’re having a bad week, spare a thought for 34-year-old Predrag Jovanovic who simply can’t understand how he has been rejected for love 5,000 times. The Serbian national insists on finding a partner online as his village is full of “only married women and grandmothers.” We hope his persistence pays off one day.

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