Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

Following the week in which a woman ordered a table on Ebay but took delivery of 40 tropical fish, a 5,000 year old tree has undergone a sex-change and a baffled motorist captured the moment a man was seen riding a static bike, at a bus stop close to midnight, EP brings you a round-up of some other news items, stories and events which you may have missed

  1. A Singapore Airlines flight made an unscheduled emergency stop in Denpasar after smoke alarms sounded on-board … there was no fire however, rather “exhaust gas” from 2,000 sheep in the hold which were being transported from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur
  2. Did you hear that? Sounds expensive… Sennheiser launched a new set of headphones retailing at £35,000 Providing an “unprecedented audio experience” they are comprised of 6,000 individual components including gold-vapourised ceramic electrodes, platinum-vapourised diaphragms, and Carrara marble amplifier housing
  3. Oh the delicious irony! Karl Jensen has been sentenced to 30 months in prison after he was caught on CCTV using a fishing rod to smuggle a McMuffin into Wormwood Scrubs, along with drugs, a knife and alcohol
  4. Though intended to raise awareness of STDs, less than a month after its erection a sign on Highway 59 reading “Wyoming has Gonorrhea” has been removed following a flood of complaints from local residents
  5. Concerned that a massive coastal algae bloom has infected crabs with a toxin fatal to humans, the California Fish & Game commission has delayed the opening of the crab-fishing season as officials scramble to deal with the disaster
  6. “It’s no bother. I’m happy to help!” In Reykajvik, Ingibjorg Sigurvinsdottir has been very understanding after human error resulted in all calls for the Prime Minister being diverted to her landline
  7. GOOD DEED FEED: A Seattle garbageman, Micah Speir, has been commended for returning $12,000 to a local school after a number of cheques were accidentally binned
  8. He’s going places! When the driver failed to show up, a determined South African student >stole a bus to get to school as he feared missing his final year maths exam. Though he was caught by police and fined £300, he made it in time to sit the exam and has already received numerous offers of free legal aid and money to pay the fine
  9. Measuring 50cm high, a marble bust of Hitler has been unearthed at a building site in Gdansk! Bearing the inscription “Thorak 1942” it’s though to be the work of one of the 3rd Reich’s official sculptors
  10. If you think you’re having a bad week, spare a thought for Jacqueline Eide in America who has been hospitalised with a “severe trauma” to her left hand after she drunkenly broke into a Zoo and tried to pet a tiger!

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