Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

Following the week in which a homeless woman lay dead in McDonalds for 24 hours before her body was noticed, Air France executives were stripped by a mob infuriated by layoffs and the world was regaled by the hilarious video of Hilary Clinton impersonating Donald Trump on SNL, EP brings you a round-up of some other news items, stories and events which you may have missed

  1. The power of bacon! It seems a third of vegetarians eat meat when drunk with kebabs, burgers and/or bacon being the most likely nemesis
  2. Did he think he wouldn’t be seen? Keith Armstrong has been given the boot as Manager at FC Ilves after bosses found out he had taken part in a TV sports panel on the day he should have been match-side for the team’s league game against rivals SJK
  3. Having previously defeated teams from the US Military Academy, West Point and the University of Vermont, the Eastern Correctional Facility Inmates Debate Team have now triumphed over the 2014 World Champions, the University of Harvard after successfully defending the position that children of parents in the US illegally should be turned away from public schools – a stance none of the inmates actually agreed with
  4. Can that really be restful? If you suffer from Vertigo in any way, you won’t want to look at the photo of a 19 year old in Russia napping 156 meters above ground, off the edge of a skyscraper
  5. Having survived the sinking of the Titanic in 2012, auctioneers in Wiltshire are expecting to sell a biscuit for £10,000 when it goes up for sale at the end of the month
  6. Putting David Cameron’s reported antics with the head of a pig to shame, in America the Libertarian Party candidate for California’s Senate has admitted he once sacrificed a goat and drank its blood as part of a pagan ritual “to give thanks”
  7. [Viewer discretion advised] There were harrowing scenes on a street in China after a particularly inattentive taxi driver opened his car door – presumably without looking – and knocked a passing bike-rider off her moped and into the path of an oncoming bus, killing the young woman almost instantly as her head was crushed under the tyres
  8. In America a teenager has been arrested for grand theft auto again after he drove to the Police station in a stolen car to collect paperwork about an upcoming trial, when documents about a previous auto theft were found in the stolen vehicle
  9. GOOD DEED FEED: Patricia Storey from Shropshire is looking for the man in Cork, Ireland who drove 20 minutes of his way to help her get to the airport when she got lost after coming off the motorway at the wrong exit
  10. Gum dine with me?! If you think you’re having a bad week, spare a thought for the 55 year old man in India who went to hospital with an annoying cough, only for X-Rays to show that he had in fact swallowed his dentures a week before without realising, and they were lodged in his oesophagus

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