Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. After becoming intensely frustrated at the lack of weight loss after trying the “Jared diet” promoted by Subway restaurants, Zachary Torrace decided to make the company suffer its own losses by robbing four of their restaurants in a four-day span!
  2. Halloween may have past put “ghost brides” are apparently still much in demand in the province of Shandong, China where 11 people have been arrested for digging up female corpses to take place in the ancient rituals of ghost marriage!
  • It is sad to see how priorities have changed in modern times when Britons have ranked access to internet and personal gadgets as more important than spending time with family or personal hygiene!
  • Coffins aren’t the easiest items to market so this Polish company took matters into their own hands and decided to spice things their marketing up with some.. Playboy-esque models?
  • Being a woman in Japan certainly has its special perks.. From being waited on hand and foot at special butler cafes to rent-a-boyfriend services, this list of seven weird female-only services in Japan covers a wide variety of needs.
  • Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, currently being held in the US detention camp Guantanamo Bay for his involvement with 9/11, has now become infamous for something else -his profuse body hair! A Turkish hair removal company inadvertently used the infamous photo of the al-Qaeda figure in an advert for their hair removal products.
  • “I was run over by my dog!” is no doubt one of the strangest claims Ann Cunningham, a claims lawyer in Victoria, Australia, has ever heard before deciding to take on a case. She proved herself to be quite the talented case defender as her client was awarded $140,000 by the Victoria Transport Accident Commision after the client’s dog bumped the handbrake of her car– and nearly took out its owner.
  • The internet is full of spurious miracle cures and now the villagers from Xiangtan in southern China have brought us another fake and unpleasant remedy in the form of…. Home-made animal “excrement water”? The people who swear by it really believe it can cure serious illnesses -including cancer.
  • “Steal, you shall not” sounds like the type of advice Yoda, the world-famous fictional character from Star Wars, would share with an Australian native who was arrested for stealing the statue of the Jedi Master. It is unclear if the thief was an agent of Emperor Palpatine.
  • Finally, if you have no plans for this weekend there is no need to feel alarmed – or at least not as alarmed as Stephen Ramsey did. This week the Florida native felt the need to prove that finding a date was a matter of emergency. Calling 911 to find company, he liked the voice of a certain dispatcher so much he called her three times asking if she was interested on going on a date!

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