Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. With such glaring typos as “disrepects” and “crababble”, the updated US Scrabble Dictionary has been proclaimed as something of a “whoopsie” by players and enthusiasts alike
  2. A sign of the improving economy in Ireland? No less than 9 of the Nation’s top hotels have featured in the Conde Nast 20 Best Resorts in Europe. Including 1st and 2nd place for Sheen Falls Lodge and Ashford Castle, Ireland features more frequently than any other Country on the list
  • “It’s definitely a lot tastier than McDonald’s, you can just tell this is a lot more pure!” The credibility of some gastronomic “experts” in The Netherlands has been called into questions after they were (unknowingly) fed samples of chicken McNuggets, Big Mac’s and McFLurry’s disguised as organic, artisan, natural fare unequivocally calling the tasty treats “delicious”, “more moist” and “better for you”
  • When Hurricane Gonzalo struck the British Coast this week, many were prepared for the wind and rain that would come with it. What no one expected, however, was that The Kinder Downfall in the Peak District would be blown into a 90ft upside-down waterfall
  • “All the gear but no idea?” In 2011 the Keene Police Department, NH received a $285,933 grant from the Department of Homeland Security, and used those funds to purchase – among other things – tactical gear, weaponry and an eight-tonne armoured truck. With access to such equipment it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that no less than 6 snipers stood guard at the town Autumn Festival, supported by drones and armed police in maintaining peace over the pumpkin patch!
  • After the fatal eruption of eruption of Mount Ontake last month, Japanese authorities have issued a warning about another potential volcanic eruption, this time a mere 40 miles from a working nuclear power station
  • More than 50 years after palaeontologists discovered a set of dinosaur arms measuring 2.4 meters, scientists have finally “built” a complete skeleton of the hitherto unseen “Deinocheirus”
  • First commissioned in 1925, the “indisputable Holy Grail of watches” is expected to fetch at least £10 million when it goes under the hammer next month
  • Much has been made of the property “boom or bust” debate, however potential property investors in Notting Hill were subjected to significantly more “bust” when pranksters used a ‘universal remote’ to change channel on the television set in the window of a local estate agent to that of an adult entertainment station
  • Brave or bonkers? You decide! For a $20 bet, one man in Jamaica recorded himself diving, head-first off an 80ft platform into the not-insubstantially rocky waters below! Beware those with a (healthy) fear of death-defying acts of lunacy – this may not be a clip you’ll want to watch!

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