Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

  1. An amphibious scooter, the world’s first video-phone, a mini-submarine, a side-by-side tandem, another bicycle with wings and an experimental gyrocopter are just some of the eccentric inventions of Victorian England discovered in a collection of hitherto unseen photographs this week
  2. Determined to ensure diners “enjoyed” their meals, one Chinese restaurateur took the extreme measure of serving noodles laced with opium!
  3. In Australia, scientists are baffled as to the source of 100s of green, furry balls Which have washed up on Sydney beaches recently
  • A lucrative turtle smuggling ring has been taken apart after police arrested a man trying to cross the US/Canadian Border with more than 50 of the reptiles down his trousers
  • When a particularly heartless thug robbed a young boy’s lemonade stand, the local community came together to reimburse him and also to give him a gift of the thing he was saving his pennies for – a new puppy
  • With friends like these, who needs enemies? An American beer bandit and his partner in crime were caught on CCTV in a robbery reminiscent of a Laurel and Hardy sketch! Police are confident of a conviction
  • Having already moved it 3 times since August, authorities in Washington have finally decided to hire a professional beaver trapper to rid the city of a particularly persistent beaver who keeps rebuilding a dam under a city bridge
  • Devastated by the drop in the price of the iPhone 6, a 20-something mobile phone salesman in China committed suicide after losing 100million RMB
  • Cats are going missing in their droves in Sussex, so naturally there can only be one explanation – there must be a King Cobra on the loose!
  • And finally, if you think you’ve had a bad week spare a thought for Leah Wright in Illinois. After falling asleep in a Taco Bell drive-thru, the young woman was subsequently arrested and charged with 2 felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, after police woke her and found her to be clutching a syringe of heroin while at the wheel of her car

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