Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week 10/05/2014

Ten things which raised an eyebrow this week

EP brings you a brief round-up of some of the news items which were perhaps as surprising as they were enlightening

  1. “Anyone lost a huge amount of cannabis in the Burnley area? Don’t panic, we found it! Pop in to the station to collect it.. #we’rewaiting” … With a further ‘reward’ of complimentary overnight accommodation Burnley Police are hoping to reunite this piece of lost property with its ‘rightful owner’
  2. Though he appeared genuine when he said “I’m an honest man looking for a new wife”, a contestant on a Turkish TV dating show was nonetheless unsuccessful in tempting a potential partner to go on a date. Perhaps he’d have had more luck had he not also admitted murdering both his wife and girlfriend!?
  3. It’s official! With over 16 million people flocking to the Capital in 2013, London has beaten out Paris, New York and Hong Kong to be named the most popular city in the World for international tourists…
  4. …While the majority of these people will know of Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Thames, there are many who will not know that it is also home of the teapot, the City which invented the scotch egg and sold the first tin of Heinz baked beans
  5. Taking his body of art too seriously? While wearing the bones as a necklace a Chinese performance artist has published photos of himself having one of his ribs removed without anaesthetic, purportedly to mark the opening ceremony of The 2010 Beijing Olympics!
  6. In Ireland, writer & director Neil Jordan voiced criticism at the decision to name two military vessels after Samuel Beckett and James Joyce. From around the world there have been some other questionable attempts to honour literary greats including the Texas town named after Charlotte Bronte, the French airport named after the author of “The Little Prince” and the “Star Trek” junior officer Pavel Chekov
  7. Scientists are claiming to have discovered (one of) the secrets of the Pyramids and how they were built
  8. The Alibaba IPO announced this week looks set to raise $20 billion, far outstripping the $16 billion raised by Facebook in 2012. How has the eCommerce giant become so huge? By selling just about anything, it seems, including Jurassic Park garden sets with moving dinosaurs, inflatable laptop trays for the bathtub and life size silicone models of Steve Jobs!
  9. In the week which saw Eton College ban the use of Snapchat due to concerns over the “nature” of messages, so too have a plethora of other “sins” been banned from the classroom including walking two abreast, white trainers and leaning back in a chair
  10. Are you having a bad week? Depending on what football team you support, it’s about to get worse! According to research published this week life expectancy can be determined by “the beautiful game” – and it’s not good news for Birmingham City, Wigan Athletic or Liverpool supporters

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