Telling the industry’s best stories

Does hospitality have a poor image?

Only because it does not tell its story well enough. Now is the time to really engage with the great stories from within

BookSince we announced the launch of EPCIS, one of the questions that we have been asked most regularly: is it really true that books had a record year last year?

It is and if one reflects, it is for logical reason. We all receive so much written work, factual communication each day that we tire of the emails and so our minds naturally turn to relaxation via visual messages and great stories. Visual messages are very powerful, especially if they contain great photography as they appeals to our emotional and subjective senses that are often left under-utilised during the day whilst our minds have been tested through emails, figures and factual detail.

Hospitality – food, venues, hotels, restaurants, events – has fabulous visual stories that can be used to engage the market and better still, many organizations have great stories – historical or just dramas – that can make the world of hospitality come alive.

Book2Too often the industry keeps its best stories to itself. There are many great country hotels that possess the most fabulous histories that can be told. Many of the great hoteliers have lived the most engaging lives and yet their experiences are left untold. The Industry has been a hotbed for great entrepreneurial case studies that could be role models for others to learn from – but the story stays within the boundaries of the industry. Hospitality plays a central role in all the great events around the world – events that excite and inspire – but what about the story behind what it takes to prepare for these great events?

Does hospitality have a poor image? Maybe, but only because we have not told the story of the industry through the eyes of the best. Often the industry is just modest and prefers to be in the shadows. But there are so many great stories that can be told.

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