Sports rise to be central to our lives


Sports rise to be central to our lives

Imagine coming to London, Paris, New York for the first time. You might have lived or visited these cities many times so it becomes hard to understand what makes one city more attractive than another.
How hard is it then for businesses to understand the changing needs of their guests? How many make time to reflect and understand that change is taking place daily wthin culture and lifestyle and it may be time to welcome and innovate for new emerging trends in lifestyle, health and society?
For the hospitality (hotel) industry, that means understanding and quickly adapting to the key opportunities and challenges which may emerge.
Guests are more health-conscious: more and more industry players are introducing new initiatives to address guest’s need for wellness services. This is opening greater business and investment opportunities. Health and wellbeing is becoming so important for travellers that there is a growing demand for the so-called “healthtopias”, a wellness real estate that offers a 360-degree wellness service to guests.

The importance of sport: Sport tourism is a fast-growing sector of the global travel industry and generates billions of revenue each year. As such, there is a great opportunity for hospitality to engage in large sporting events and add value to their customers both from the perspective of hotels and food and beverage offers. In 2016, Wimbledon was reported as the largest single annual sporting catering operation (1800 staff) carried out in Europe, bringing 39,000 spectators in the grounds at any one time. Qatar is spending almost $500m (£400m) a week on major infrastructure projects as it prepares for the 2022 Fifa World Cup, with enormous economic opportunities for hospitality businesses.How can companies maximise these opportunities?


On 7th April EP and eHotelier will bring together hospitality leaders to learn, discuss and find solutions on how our cities can change the role that hospitality plays in welcoming guests and visitors.  The conference will focus on 5 core themes to explore the current hospitality trends. To learn about the best practices taking places in cities around the world, how they can be applied in practice and what improvement could bring to business.

The summit will cover 5 core themes:

  • Innovation
    •         Sport
    •         Security
    •         Sustainability
    •         Culture and lifestyle

Come and join us for a one-day conference with industry experts to learn about what drives tourism and hospitality in cities, why they have a commercial impact on business and how they can improve the service level and attract more people.

Early bird special price of £150 plus vat per person until end of February


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