Playing Sport and Hospitality at The May Fair Hotel

EP Presents: Playing Sport and Hospitality at The May Fair

 Dinner – Thursday 6th April 2017

We are delighted to host a dinner at the historic May Fair Hotel that brings the worlds of sport and hospitality together.

The evening hosted by both EP and Simon Halliday of The Sporting Wine Club aims to raise the discussion and build awareness for how the worlds of sport and hospitality are converging and asks the question of whether more can be done to link the two cutting edge professions?

The aim for the evening is to create an enjoyable, unique setting that allows for informal discussion and the development of the theme.



Simon Halliday, back-to-back Grand Slam winner and World Cup finalist
and Chairman of European Professional Club Rugby



Paul Sackey, ex-English rugby union


  • Could former sports players help hospitality develop their services in the fields of nutrition, well-being and fitness?
  • Are there lessons both can learn from the other?
  • Many former sports players are developing entrepreneurial concepts. How can Hospitality gain from their invention? And vice versa?
  • Many former and present sports players own or invest in hotels and restaurants. How can this be nurtured?
  • Is there a talent pool amongst former sporting figures that can be better used by Hospitality?
  • There is a view that the concept of sports resorts will grow within the UK as executives become fitter and more health conscious. This will bring both worlds together.
  • Together what new opportunities can be developed?
  • Together can we create a new sense of purpose for many.


– Legendary Luxury Hotel
– Champagne Reception
 – Three Course Dinner
 – Speakers from the World of Professional Sport

Tickets £80 plus vat per person