Perspective Magazine: Focused on Global Independent Hotel Sector

The First Edition of Perspective
Independent Hotels Across the World

The new magazine is centred around the Global Independent Hotel Sector – arguably a market that has performed strongly over the last few years and shown the ability to innovate, create and adapt.
It is often that the great boutique hotels of the world and the large corporates which attract the most comment but the independent sector has just got on with the task in hand.  Perspective brings all three together.



Perspective 1



Stories from the UK, Italy, Brazil, Qatar and beyond.

There are challenges and trends in each country. The world is facing many global issues but the consumer is seeking more in-depth, genuine and authentic experiences of a region.
It is the contradiction of the modern age – businesses need to think on a broader scale, while the consumer wants localised experiences and tastes in food, in crafts, in design, ambience and entertainment.

The industry has been asked many searching and tough questions over the last decade.

It has not just answered them but returned them with innovation and improvement. More will be asked and there are answers and role models that can be found across the world.

Perspective 2

Just some of the features:

  • David Levin on launching the ground-breaking The Capital Hotel in 1971.
  • Do guests put fitness and well-being above indulgence?
  • Is Qatar the emerging player?
  • The VAT discussion on visitor accommodation
  • Verdura Resort in Sicily on becoming a true community resort
  • The rise of outsourcing F&B models
  • Doris & Dicky: shining a spotlight on the great but small
  • An authentic gem in Brazil – UXUA
  • The growth of the hotel bar as the safest option


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