Knowledge is king….in your career, in decision making, in leadership… it can give you the edge

Business has changed over the years; at times more than many companies realise. It was telling that even the Bank of England this year noted that the thinking of many economists had become too narrow to be accurate. There are many board executives who accept that their businesses have developed lazy habits and that there are new generations emerging that do not possess either the skills or breadth of knowledge that is required to be successful in leadership.

At the same time, there are many leadership development programmes that focus on strategic thinking and executive learning which are both costly and can place a burden on the developing talent.

EP’s success has always been based on knowledge share and connectivity between peers and our belief is that this is core to the success of any executive. The most frustrations raised by senior figures are;

  • A lack of lateral thinking and problem solving solutions
  • A lack of accountability and drive
  • A lack of networking and relationship building skills
  • A lack in breadth of thinking


Recently there have been two reports that have come out that discuss the issues connected with the Snowflake generation and also how young people lack even special awareness as they are so dominated by mobile technology.
The counter is that today’s generation has to carry such a heavier daily work load through the advances in technology that there is less time to think and reflect – work has to be process driven and controlled.
There are arguments for both but there is little doubt that in a market that is highly competitive, that is long and intensive and that is constantly changing – that knowledge, insight and relationships are king. Without knowledge, it is hard to be accurate in decision making. There is little more important in business than strong personal relationships that can be counted on when needed.
Hospitality is about people and understanding. EP Edge is designed to help those that really want to learn, build relationships with peers across the Industry and to grow through knowledge. One can debate over whether leadership can be taught; knowledge, insight and the building of relationships can certainly be supported.

We are therefore delighted to announce:

  • The launch of monthly Think Tanks on the leading issues of the day (starting as of early march)
  • The EP Leadership Lecture – Quarterly talks on the challenges of leadership (May)
  • How to network and build relationships – the power of connecting (monthly events as of March)
  • Women in Business ( quarterly dinners starting late March)
  • Entrepreneurs in Business – Summer Ball July

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