It is all about People

It’s all about People




As of August, EP will be launching a number of formal and informal events that focus:

  • How to network effectively and build good professional relationships?
  • How to dress and present yourself.
  • The Age of Trust. How to build values and behaviours in leadership and cultures.
  • Is it time to re-invest in our people?

The Age of Trust

Trust has become of the most important factors in business today but it is really about values of both leadership and culture. EP will explore this further in a conference to be hosted by EP in late September entitled “New Leaders, old Values”

The conference will look at generational change, the new leaders that are coming to the fore, modern values and the importance of investing in the human asset.

This conference is supported by American Express, Glion Institute, Strathclyde University, HIT Scotland and ehotelier.

How to network effectively and build good professional relationships

In late August and beyond, EP will be hosting a series of informal sessions focusing on how to network and build long lasting relationships. In the modern age, this is a skill that appears to have been in decline. In conjunction with WJD Chase, EP will discussing this issue and working with those that wish to learn this old skill.

Do you dress effectively enough?

Do you present effectively enough often says more about you than any spoken word. It is often said that a first impression will be determined more by your image than anything said. So how you dress and present yourself is vitally important if you are to influence others. EP will be holding private one to one sessions with those that wish active, hands on support in improving how they appear.


If any of the above is of interest, please contact Linn Vislie.

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