Introducing the NED Panel


There has been so much written about the pace of change and it is remarkable but the one truth is that everyone – however old or young – needs to be open to learning new ideas and skills.  This is arguably the first time in history whereby the older generation is learning new skills from the younger generation but it is also true that the latter do need the skills of the former just as much. The Baby Boomers led lives based on actions. Gen Y is more strategic and global. They both need the other and all need to be open to learning and listening to new ideas and concepts. The world is changing at such pace, it is easy to miss key pieces of information.


ntroducing the NED Panel


Most business books are based off the philosphies and experiences of proven business leaders and expert observers. However today often business leaders are being led by the younger generation too. There have been very few business books written by an audience of emerging leaders but maybe that would have real value.

Beyond this the baby boomers have worked through periods of turbulence. Their perspective and knowledge can only be of value, which younger businesses can use for their learning. 

We are therefore delighted to launch the NED panel which is a group of some of Industry’s greatest leaders from over the past thirty years and who can add real value to emerging businesses that would like a proven industry player that they can call upon and work with their boards. Nothing is more important in making decisions than experience and understanding of market dynamics beyond the workings of the business. This is one of the values a good NED brings to the table – a broader, more objective perspective. A good NED brings real hidden value that enables business to make good decisions

The Hospitality Industry possesses a deep bank of knowledge and experience that every business can call upon.

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