Has the Fear of Failure Become a Barrier to Accountability? Think Tank Event

Launch of EP Think Tanks Initiative

Has the Fear of Failure Become a Barrier to Accountability?

Event: 16th March – Central London


Hospitality is about people and understanding. Our Think Tanks lie on two pillars: knowledge share and connectivity. There is new generation that wants to be freed up to create action-led and reasoned solutions and an established group of senior leaders that has to be taken outside of their comfort zone and be exposed to new ideas.

The Think Tanks will support the development of original thinking and engagement in thought leadership among peers and across generations. Those who embody the experience and variation in skill set and approach that can create a marriage to combine the strengths and find innovative solutions that can really drive the hospitality industry forward and open up Intrapreneurship and innovation. This is the first time that both generations need each other to become better decision-makers. There is a need to expose one group to the other in order to explore new solutions to today’s issues and challenge the way we think. We will therefore be holding:

– The Fear of Failure – The Importance of freeing up talent to take risks.
16th March

– Intrapreneurship – Can we disruption be good within businesses? Is Trump the first disruptive President?
5th April

– Can Hospitality be more effective in developing the human asset and tomorrow’s leaders?
26th April

– What do we view as a great Welcome?- Can it be improved? Are we World Class?
17th May

– The growing relationship between Sport Hospitality and Wellbeing.
6th June

– Is Process becoming more important than the customer?
27th June

– Can a hotel really be a brand?
12th July

– More and more employees will be working from home or away from the office. How can we make offices destinations that employees want to visit and ensure good communication?
3rd August



EP’s success has always been based on knowledge share and connectivity between peers and our belief is that this is core to the success of any executive.

The Think Tanks will be a platform for Leadership development, appealing to anyone who appreciates the need for continual learning throughout their career, and those looking to free up their own thinking and challenge their thoughts as well as knowledge share.

Attending these events will support the development of:

  • Lateral thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Adapting to and managing change
  • Networking and communication
  • Presenting a clear vision
  • Building trusted business relationships

  Over this year, EP will be hosting over 20 Think Tank Sessions.


  • Event cost to attend – £35 plus vat
  • Annual Membership – £400 plus vat