Food Service Action – Out Next Month

Food is suddenly at the heart of daily life
and for good reason

┬áThe second issue of Food Service Action is out in July. This is the narrative between food operators and clients. It tackles some of the big issues facing the sector including the now “always on” culture of modern life.

This is making us more stressed and less productive. It is a serious problem as there is an increase in stress-related and mental illness.


Food  Service Action 1








The magazine talks about:

  • Fitness and sports on the increase – as communication increases so does the level of participation in sports. The danger is solo sports which may relieve stress but does not solve the need for greater social interaction.

Companies are creating change – from switching off email at weekends to meditation sessions in the workplace. Strategies are being developed to ensure employees spend time away from technology and socially relax.


Food  Service Action 3

Food  Service Action 2





Foodservice has never played a more important and welcome role in daily life. The challenge is making it so that this never changes.

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