Events: Entrepreneurs Gala Dinner & Hospitable Cities

On 3rd October, we are delighted to be hosting an Entrepreneurs Gala Dinner in the City at One Moorgate Place to celebrate the importance of original ideas and thinking within Hospitality. With a Roaring 1920s theme we will have a special guest speaker that will offer inspirational insights and perspective.

We hope that you will be able to join us. Entrepreneurship and originality has been one of the cornerstones in the success of the Industry. As customer expectations continuously rise, so the relationship and alliance between established companies and entrepreneurs becomes more important. Our agenda is simply to help promote and support this agenda with a dinner that will be a relaxed Black Tie event that brings the industry together.

We have had immense enjoyment this year working with Entrepreneurs who have all brought real energy and dynamism to our events and to the market as a whole. EP’s Entrepreneurs Club now has over 114 concerns within the network and continues to grow at an exciting pace. We hope that you will be able to join us and simply enjoy meeting some exceptional talent and learning about new ideas that are often thought provoking and always inspirational.

The ticket price for the dinner is £95 (plus VAT). If you would like to join us, please contact

How to create the world’s most hospitable city

EP and eHotelier are delighted to announce a one day conference to be hosted in London which will explore the above, work to create new ideas and thought on how both hotels and cities can improve their welcome to tourists.


The last year has shown how the threat of terrorism really changes the economic prosperity of a city. Both Paris and Nice have sadly suffered. Today’s tourists want to be reassured of their security which is a substantial challenge for Tourism bodies, whilst at the same time consumer expectations are constantly on the rise regarding the level and quality of experiences and hospitality.

How can we work together to meet the challenges of the new world?

Over the next six months, EP and eHotelier will be hosting a series of Think Tanks with Industry professionals to explore new solutions, ideas and innovation.  The April conference will be designed to learn from other cities that are already creating and implementing new action plans as well as to seek to understand the needs and expectations of the modern guest.

We will also be highlighting great innovation, new entrepreneurs and original thinking. In addition, the conference will look at how urban environment and sustainability affects and influences tourism.

This is not an event that will focus on the negative but look to create solutions and original thinking that can be of genuine benefit to business and the industry as a whole.

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