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Best headline of the week

VisitBritain launches spy-inspired tourism campaign
Linked to new film Kingsman: The Golden Circle, VB are showcasing the exciting, secretive and adventurous side of Britain.

“Britain is home to some of the world’s most-loved secret-agents and our stunning landscapes and iconic cityscapes provide a captivating backdrop for their thrill-seeking adventures and dashing lifestyles, from buying suits at Savile Row to hatching plots and supping whiskey in the Scottish Highlands.”

– VisitBritain Director of Marketing Clare Mullin



Nick Timothy re. Osborne

Unfortunate mistake by BT Sport

A glitch on the TV channel during the Celtic vs. Paris St-Germain football game had the score the wrong way round. Celtic actually lost 5-0.

Henry Blofeld quotes

“Ashley Giles trundles in to bowl rather like a wheelie bin.”

“I love these claret-coloured buses… they give me all sorts of ideas.”

“I am amused to see Colin Graves described as a “no-nonsense Yorkshireman”. Ever since he was appointed it has been nothing but nonsense.”

“And still Close has not rubbed any part of him. What an amazing man he is.” [After Brian Close, then 45, was recalled to the England line-up and subjected to a brutal working over by the West Indies fast bowlers]

Henry Blofeld, the much-loved BBC Test Match Special cricket commentator retires this week.

Launch glitch

This year’s iPhone launch included a hiccup during a demo of its new Face ID unlocking feature. There are mixed reactions to the new technology.



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