EP’s Light Relief

Royal Mail

Royal Mail celebrated Shakespeare’s birthday this week and received a few comments. They tweeted:

“It’s Shakespeare’s birthday today, so to mark the occasion we’ve decorated a postbox! Lead actors from ‘Romeo & Juliet’ are here next to the postbox, which features quotes from some of Shakespeare’s most famous work.”

“Did anybody there actually read the play?  The entire point of the last two acts is that the letter is too late.  The whole tragedy is a bloody advertisement for texting.”

“here to mark Shakespeare’s birthday we at Sleep Number Mattresses are posing with the cast of Macbeth”

Naming the baby

Queen’s Birthday


Cricket at the North Pole

“All quite proper, although the pitch could do with a touch of the heavy roller and looks a bit short on grass.”

“There was an appeal for bad light but seeing as the sun hadn’t set for six months it was rejected.”

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