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Introducing FairTipShare a new body created to promote best practice in service charge and tipping across the Industry.

Introducing Kententigo – Members Club

We are delighted to partner in the launch of a new members club founded to bring people together through a celebration of great gastronomy and the cultural arts. In these strangest and most difficult of times, it is important to enjoy the most simple yet important of pleasures. These events are all designed.

Double Dutch

Goliath needs David/ Interview with Double Dutch

An evening with Yasmin Khan – Food creates greater understanding of different cultures.

At Barings London offices, we were delighted to co-host a dinner at which the food author and broadcaster Yasmin Khan spoke on the growing importance of food in bringing people together and creating a common bond. It is inclusive. It is something that plays a genuinely important role in our lives

2020 – This is the year for Sustainability

Last week, we were delighted to welcome 120 industry leaders, hosted with Barings, to a lecture by Professor David Russell, Chairman of The Russell Partnership, on how there is a new momentum in the sustainability agenda. David argued that the Dubai Expo 2020 could have a major, lasting effect on creating a step-change in sustainability just as London 2012 created a new benchmark in major events.This is the year for change, this is the year for true sustainability.

An African Evening with Barings

In late November Barings hosted an African evening to celebrate great food, diversity and inclusion.

AlixPartners Food Service Growth Report 2019

On 7th November 2019, AlixPartners in collaboration with EP, launched the Food Service Growth Report 2019. More than 130 industry professionals attended the event, which was held in the beautiful surroundings of The Royal Society of Arts.

The Evolution of Hotels Conference

We are delighted to be launching a campaign, in partnership with Barings, to openly engage, discuss and look at new ideas and opportunities

The Ripple Effect Conference – Simon Berger & Nick Taylor

Simon Berger, Mad world and Nick Taylor, Unmind, have collaborated to try and make a difference for all employees in all workplaces in companies of all different sizes, to tackle the rising issue of Mental Health.

The Ripple Effect – Andy Cole & Simon Halliday

Simon Halliday, Ex professional rugby player interviews Andy Cole ex professional footballer, Manchester United on the teams culture and what made them the greatest team back in the late 90’s.

The Ripple Effect Conference – Crista Cullen

Crista Cullen, Olympic Gold Medalist from the 2016 Ladies Hockey Team, shares how having a strong culture and facing adversity was key in their success.

The Ripple Effect Conference – Adam Virgo

Adam Virgo, Ex professional footballer and now BT commentator shares his story in his battle with dyslexia.
He went to both private and state school and talks about the challenges of how it impacted on his life.
In this video he talks with great passion and honesty about his own challenges. This is the first time he has talked publicly about this topic. He was well praised and certainly worth watching.

The Ripple Effect Conference October 2019

EP hosted a conference at Nomura on the importance of people and culture, to seek new solutions, against the backdrop of Brexit, rising mental health, decline in trust and productivity. How can we build a better way forward?

Emerging Leaders Network

By joining the ELN we will can provide knowledge share, support, learning and the opportunity to build new friendships.

The Circular Economy

We are delighted to be launching a campaign, in partnership with Barings, to openly engage, discuss and look at new ideas and opportunities

Sometimes not thinking about business is good for business

Fuelling Productivity Conference

The conference with Bird & Bird saw over 180 guests from the worlds of hotels, food service and restaurants come together to discuss some of the major changes and challenges that are taking place

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