Ellora Accountancy and Business Advisory

Ellora Accountancy and Business Advisory

We are pleased to announce the launch of Ellora – an Accountancy and Business Advisory practice, specialising in the Hospitality sector, with a special emphasis on SMEs and private individuals. Ellora is focused upon providing a bespoke service that is accessible and personal.

Although Finance skills are transferable and apply across a number of industries, there are number of advantages of going with a hospitality specialist. In order to get the best service out of your accountant, it is important that they are able to resonate with your business and your business model. They must understand the journey, pain and emotions an operator goes through. Good decision making will naturally come from understanding the core challenges and issues that play key roles in the industry. This is why industry specialism is just so important.

With an industry specialist a business is more likely to benefit from best practice. The hospitality sector is fast paced and constantly changing, an accountancy firm specialising in the industry is more likely to be abreast of these changes.

The team have a wealth of experience in the industry and really understEllora Accountancy and Business Advisoryand the market. Just like the hospitality sector is service driven, the ethos of Ellora lie in delivering exceptional customer service to its Clients. Overall experience is playing an increasingly prevalent role, whether it be in the hospitality industry or retail, it is only a matter of time we see this creep back into the business world.

Jaz Notay

The name Ellora originates from India and represents honesty and integrity, which are Ellora’s core principles along with its proactive approach to business and Clients. At the end of the day any long lasting professional relationship will result from you knowing that we are consistently there for you, that you can trust your advisor and that they are representing your interests. These are our foundation stones and we look forward to hopefully working with you as time progresses.

If you would like to learn more about Ellora, please contract Jaz Notay

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