Elephant Conservation Gala Dinner

Black Tie Gala Dinner and Auction

In Support of Crista Cullen MBE and Elephant Conservation

We are delighted to announce we are hosting a Black Tie Gala Dinner in May 2018 to support the work of Crista Cullen MBE on Elephant Conservation.

Crista is a Olympic Gold Medal winning English field hockey player. Her life and work today has turned towards elephant conservation and this is a cause EP is delighted to support. A recent resurgence of illegal poaching of elephants in Africa, primarily for their ivory but also for meat and in retaliation for human-elephant conflict, is resulting in the serious decline of both forest and savanna elephant populations, posing an immediate risk to the survival of the species.

It is a special mission and there is work to be done.

Crista grew up in Kenya and now wants to devote time protecting the environment that she fell in love with from an early age. As she says, “I am lucky enough to call Kenya home, and with that all the species and special inhabitants that it has. We have to act now to save them, we have to reduce the devastation and provide them with the safe haven that they deserve.”

Hospitality is a global industry and it is important we also support global causes so please register your interest and let’s make a contribution together.

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