Creating a new sense of purpose

A new sense of purpose

“Reinvention” is a campaign which supports those who have become lost of would like to find a new direction in their career.

How can we support the development of new skills?

The answer lies less in developing new skills but rather in the rekindling of known skills and also in thinking with greater breadth to see and find new solutions

The areas of key focus should be built off:

  • Engaging interested parties in activities that they will enjoy and get fulfilment from.
  • Those who are able to reinvent themselves often possess active social skills and networks. The key is to work with people to make them marketable – more socially connected and their work within the community.
  • One of the ironies of modern communications – despite being more accessible, there is less networking and real relationship building.
  • Important to be active – to have a voice and engage with the community and with business.
  • Being able to think differently – ensuring that it is broad and considered. One of the dangers of careers is that thinking becomes narrower with time. This is a new age where inclusivity is important within business and this opens doors and opportunity.

Being open to change, to try something new, to take a risk.

A bespoke campaign is developed that engages people with the external market and this will open doors and create ideas for what they would like to do next. The approach is focused on personal support.

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