Changing the perception of Italian Gelato in London

Changing the perception of Italian Gelato in London

With Italian food being one of the leading cuisines in London, there is a huge demand for real authentic products that can help restaurants offering the best offer. Regional cuisines are growing and customers are becoming more self-conscious, therefore restaurants need to reconnect their offer to healthy and authentic ingredients.

Badiani came to life in 1936 at a time quality and simplicity were two core ingredients for success. Over the years, the brand has gained a strong reputation and it is now being recognised as one of the leading historical gelateria of Florence around the world.

With tradition and quality as its main core pillars, Badiani’s mission is to change people’s perception of ice cream from an industrial, low-quality and seasonal product into a premium, healthy and handcrafted dessert.


A Millenary Tradition born in Florence

In 1960s a contest was announced in Florence to commemorate the architect Bernardo Buontalenti, who allegedly created the very first gelato in the 16th century. Gelateria Badiani raced for the competition and won the prize with a flavour called Buontalenti. Since then, Buontalenti is a trademark of Gelateria Badiani, a premium flavour made of only four simple and natural ingredients. The flavour has conquered the palate of many gelato lovers in Florence and now London. 

“I’ve always dealt with gelato since I was a kid in the family business. My father Orazio started making gelato in 1961 in the shop in the historic centre of Florence. I specialized in production of high quality artisanal gelato, specifically Buontalenti–the first and real one born at Badiani. We are now taking the Buontalenti around the world to let everyone discover what “true gelato of the past” tastes like. And my trick is not to use any trick, except choosing the best ingredients and combining my passion with a great deal of creativity.”

Paolo Pomposi

Gelato 1

From Florence to London: A Story of Success

  • Today Badiani has positioned itself as a leading gelato maker both in Florence and London, generating a turnover of over 2 million euros.
  • •In 2015, Badiani was awarded as Best Gelato of London at the Gelato Festival that took place in London as part of a roadshow celebrating Italian gelato all around Europe.
  • •In 2016, Badiani has opened its first retail store at Mercato Metropolitano in South East London.
  • •Badiani is now official sponsor for events at the Italian Cultural Institute, the cultural arm of the Italian Embassy in London.
  • •Badiani is expanding across London restaurants that have an eye for quality product. It is currently supplying restaurants in Chelsea, Soho and Mayfair.


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