Breaking Bread – The Art of Great Food and Networking

Breaking Bread – The Art of Great Food and Networking

Supported by Elior, The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts and Aveqia


Food has become central to everyday life. Arguably Hospitality is enjoying a golden period once again and is seen to be a vibrant exciting industry. It sits at the heart of everyday life and yet somehow it is felt that the enjoyment of sitting down with others and just talking is declining – as mobile technology has increased. The family dinner and just relaxed networking over lunch is under pressure.


The aim of the Breaking Bread campaign is to say “Let’s take a few minutes every day to enjoy good food and great conversation. It is an essential social skill and more importantly is fun.”

Hardly a major objective some may say, but the view is that life has become so dominated by modern technology that the skill of social conversation, and networking is being lost. This is true in the workplace as well as in schools. Yet some of the fondest memories that everyone will carry will involve a conversation over a great meal.

Breaking Bread is about taking time to socially interact over food and enjoy the moment. It may sound simple but is one of life’s most enjoyable relaxations.


At Aveqia, a venue in central London, an event hosted by Elior saw a number of industry’s leading consultants come together to split into teams and cook a 4 course lunch together. There is little doubt that some had reservations but all enjoyed the occasion and the food produced was a credit to all involved. Even more interestingly, not one used their mobile phone throughout and the conversation and banter flowed. Those involved included leading consultants such as Chris Stern, Vic Laws, Julian Fris and Mark McCann.


Our aim is to simply ask companies and schools to promote the importance of taking time to eat and interact. It creates a greater sense of community, fun and internal communication. It also helps teach social networking skills and the ability to converse with ease – skills that have been central to the success of many careers.

Breaking Bread – The Art of Food and Social Interaction


To get involved with the Breaking Bread campaign please contact Arlene McCaffrey

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