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Quote of the Week

“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.”

J.K. Rowling remembers W. Somerset Maugham’s famous quote.

Tweet of the Week

Neil Kinnock on the late, great Alan Watkins…

Do you still get recognised?  

“Yes, mainly it’s a pleasant experience. But I’ll tell you a really funny one. In the late 1970s, I went to lunch with Alan Watkins, political editor of the Observer and a great journalistic figure. We came out after a lengthy lunch and a little old lady with an umbrella and said ‘“hey you’re Arthur Scargill’. And I said ‘no, no, I’m not. You may have seen me around talking about miners but I’m not Scargill.” “Yes, you bloody are,” she said. “I’m sorry, but I’m not. For a start, he’s from Yorkshire and I’m from South Wales”. She insisted “You’re bloody Scargill”, so I said ‘ask my friend,’ and Alan said “What’s that Arthur?” She hit me with her umbrella. Bloody Watkins, b*stard!”  Tweeted by John Rentoul

Research of the Week

Almost half of Brits say they waste most of their free time cooking

New research has revealed that on average Brits have under 3 hours of free time each evening, with almost half of the nation (43%) citing cooking their evening meal as the task that takes up the majority of their free time, with many wishing food preparation was easier, quicker and less pressured.

Chores are the next biggest time sapper with cleaning (41%), washing up (40%), laundry (32%) and grocery shopping (27%) completing the list according to the study from Saucy Fish Co.

Thought of the Week

What lies at the heart of business? Trust.

There are many case studies and stories about the journey of entrepreneurs and it is remarkably difficult to find common links bar one – character. Not in terms of good character but in terms of resilience and the ability to learn and adapt as one grows.
View the full article here.

Event of the Week

Hospitality Debating Competition 2018

Be at the forefront

It is time to change people’s thinking around leadership. The Hospitality industry has got itself into a rut and now needs to open up and accept that change needs to happen.

EP has created a new Debating Competition to get the industry together. Hotels, restaurants, foodservice, entrepreneurs, suppliers and more can enter a team to take part in The Great Hospitality Debate 2018.

Powerful and effective public speaking is as important today as ever before and moreover it builds fans and connections.  Find out more

Gallery of the Week

Bringing Sport and Hospitality together. View photos from a Reinvention event with a number of major former sporting stars.


Book of The Week

Hospitality Illustrated is a picture story of an exceptional, world-class industry, full of great people, greater character and great stories.

Pre-order your copy today

The hospitality industry is a vibrant, exciting sector full of characters and personalities. Over the last ten years EP has been privileged to have taken photos of many great people and teams and is now putting over 400 of these images into one beautiful book.

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eHotelier Hospitality News

VisitBritain announces partnership to promote regional England’s Heartland. VisitBritain has announced a partnership with Birmingham and the surrounding areas to promote more of England’s regions to overseas visitors.

Tourism market share: Chile’s big surprise. Chile has had a very positive performance in terms of the tourist arrivals in recent years.

Italy Tourism: we are the most desired country. “Italy is the most sought-after destination by foreign tourists and it is an honour for us to return to WTM in London as a premier partner.”

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