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Politically correct brigade at National Trust veto Eastern Egg hunts for cedar of offending non Christians. Outrageous

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Average commuter spends 48K in their career… just to get to work

Brits will spend over a YEAR of their lives commuting to and from work, with 68 per cent driving, 11 per cent taking the train, and eight percent making their journeys on two wheels. The study of 2,000 commuters in the UK also found that out of the lifetime cost of commuting, over a third is on snacks and takeaway coffees in the morning.

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The truth about top restaurants


Stolen tips, long hours, diminishing pay: the restaurant business has found itself in hot water lately. That’s just the half of it, reveal chefs, waiters and maître d’s.

Things that are glorified in the hospitality industry: sleep-deprivation, tempers, drugs, projectiles in kitchens (especially sharp ones), hedonism, asceticism, camaraderie, martial law, all broadly clustered under the umbrella idea that perfectionism makes you inherently unstable, and that’s a good thing. Chefs are admired for being gits. “Street angel, kitchen devil” is used as a badge of honour, rather than identified for what it is, a description of a person who bullies where they can and sucks up everywhere else.

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Mobile app service rides trend of late hotel searches: If you are planning a last-minute trip this weekend, you’re not alone. Half of all hotel bookings in the US are made three days or less before arrival. Find out more

Hotels missing out on fast-casual dining trend: Hotels throughout the US—properties large and small, boutique and branded—are catering to travelers’ appetites for “local experiences” with food-and-beverage venues that celebrate local ingredients in unique ways. Learn more

Bidroom is the first platform to enable bookings on the moon: The fastest-growing booking platform in Europe,, has announced a partnership with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which enables the platform’s users to book capsules on the moon. Find out more



Government should ensure travellers keep benefits such as visa-free travel and free or reduced healthcare, says industry body: The British travel industry is urging the government to protect the many benefits currently enjoyed by UK holidaymakers under EU membership, including visa-free travel and free or reduced healthcare, in Brexit negotiations.
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A New Way To Address Sleep Problems in Hotels: Hotels strive to offer their guests the maximum sleep comfort, but a good night’s rest remains a rare commodity. The Quietroom Sleep Program is a new, science-based, approach to help hotels provide their clients with an improved sleep experience.
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Hotels still holding onto value in most US markets: With most signs pointing toward the U.S. hotel industry nearing the end of its cycle, hoteliers are looking for guidance on hotel acquisitions and dispositions.
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Food trade drains global water sources at ‘alarming’ rates: The global market for foodstuffs is depleting water sources in many parts of the world quicker than they can naturally be refilled.
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Four countries face famine threat as global food crisis deepens: Global food crises worsened significantly in 2016 and conditions look set to deteriorate further this year in some areas with an increasing risk of famine.
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Brazil’s meat scandal expands while international market reaction is mixed: The investigation by Federal Police in Brazil has led to the suspension of three more processing plants this week over the alleged corruption in meat industry. 
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Slow Food Turtle Island Association Takes Root: First Anniversary of a Promising Native Amercian Association. This new association has grown out of a decade-long process of collaboration between Native American farmers, food producers, chefs, and advocates with Slow Food International, Slow Food USA, and the wider Terra Madre network. 
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