Are our senses wanting to fight back?

Are our senses wanting to fight back?

Life is never rocket science but sometimes it is also not given enough thought.  We all read the statistics about how lonely life is becoming, how mental illness and depression is growing, how long the working day has become and how there is a breakdown in working culture. It is all true and the statistics are there for all to view.

However, our argument is that this can be easily corrected if we give more consideration to what makes human beings so very special and stand apart…….our senses.

We are a social, creative animal and for consideration – maybe technology, social media and digital comms both inspires our desires and needs but also restrains and exhausts them?

The point being that our daily lives need more than the great advancement in technology – we need strong visual engagement – whether through great people, genuine social interaction, art, food and wine.

Our eyes and senses need inspiration each day – we buy with our eyes, we all love the smell of great food, we all enjoy time with our friends and meeting great new people.

We may well face a world that feels more lonely and isolated but really what work cultures and environments need to also focus upon is the visual – their design, their art, their food offers and service levels through great people. Add in the trust element – and people need to be able to trust – and suddenly the landscape can change.

We need to develop a broader strategy within workplaces that engage all levels – leadership teams who are as stressed as anyone, employees, outsource teams, etc. – so all feel engaged in the environment. What does this mean?

Yes it does mean a need for investment but investment is needed to reverse the building momentum of employees opting out to join the gig economy, of the fall in productivity, in the increasing levels of stress and mental illness – the investment should however be in great services, in great food, in design, art, environment and in building strong social interaction underlined by trust.


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