EP Magazines

EP has vast experience in publishing. This has included both it’s own publications and those on behalf of clients. The objective of all of these high quality printed books is to tell a story that engages the reader. For client publications EP creates a strategy that benefits business objectives. With a proven track record, EP fundamentally understands how to engage an audience and how to draw a community together.

Some argue that with the rise of digital, the printed book is no longer needed. However it is because of the rise of digital communication that has made print so important. A reader, customer or guest can appreciate content in a much more effective way compared to a digital channel. A tangible quality publication can be read at one’s own pace and in their own time – a forgotten but essential need.

Why produce publications?

  • Tangible quality pieces of collateral which possess a wow-factor
  • Attractive publication, visually intense compared to digital
  • A valued sales tool for business
  • Relationship enhancer for clients, suppliers and employees
  • Long desk-life and shelf-life which leaves a lasting impression
  • Provides a consistent message for the market

 Archive of EP Magazines