EP Knowledge Share and Connectivity


The importance of knowledge is well known but sharing knowledge has never been more important in the Hospitality sector.

EP has written previously about the need for a marriage between Baby Boomers and the younger generations – both have different knowledge sets, both are important but valuable knowledge share between generations is the crucial piece. There are looming challenges and executives need to be able to access key information which becomes a real asset.

EP believes strongly in a willingness for cooperation and therefore wants to ensure all good information is inclusive for everyone and freely shared by everyone. Linked to knowledge sharing is the basic, yet sometimes forgotten, need for face to face interaction, networking, relationship building – the good old fashioned values and practices.

EP prides itself in connecting people and organisations because this increases communication and original thinking, both essential for effective work and growth of companies and their people.
EP’s hope is that fuelling knowledge and connecting people will optimise productivity in all of the hospitality industry. 


EP has created the following to enable communication and original thinking:

  • Hospitable Cities – Love London? How do we make it the most hospitable city in the world? An international Summit to connect and find solutions on how to make cities more welcoming (April).
  • NED Panel – A number of the leading players who wish to still play valuable roles to both growing businesses and within the changing nature of the market and industry.
  • Entrepreneurs Club – A marriage between entrepreneurs and established businesses for value on all sides.
  • Monthly Think Tanks  – A series of talks aimed to bring together experts in different fields to talk and lead debate on key agenda items within the market. (March).
  • EP Edge – Quarterly Leadership discussions  aiming  at exploring new business solutions by thinking differently, networking and building valuable relationships (Quarterly events, first in March).
  • Consultants’ Forum – Bringing together experts and consultants from all parts of the industry  in order to share knowledge and perspectives as well as breaking down barriers.
  • Women in Business – An event which celebrates, discusses, challenges and inspires the industry we work in (Quarterly dinners, first in late March).
  • Entrepreneurs in Business – An evening celebrating the marriage between generations, sharing the same passion for hospitality and entrepreneurship (Summer Ball July).

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