EP is proud to support four fantastic charities

This year EP is delighted to support four important charities

Each charity focuses on supporting people. This is something that EP is very passionate about. Whether it’s those that need support in their development or those that come from challenging and difficult backgrounds, we want to support and make a difference.


The One And All Foundation


Supports the development of talent from all backgrounds. It is about giving everyone an opportunity to be able to fulfil their potential. Talent is talent.

The Royal Academy Of Culinary Arts, Adopt a School Trust

Teaches children in inner city schools about the importance of nutrition. They believe that every child should learn about food in a holistic sense and have the confidence to eat well, be healthy and happy.

Timeless Life Skills

An educational charity working in the UK and India. Helping under-served children build skills and dispositions that make them Future-Ready and Life-Ready.

Tofauti Foundation

Tofauti means ‘difference’ in Swahili. Tofauti aims to protect ecosystems, environments, people and wildlife in Africa. They don’t believe in aid, they believe in partnerships and empowering people. Aid and handouts create a continual reliance, so Tofauti aims to drive change, create tools, educate, and unite process ownership for a consistent long-term impact.

This year we are planning some great events to continue our support of these charities.

In April EP will be leading teams to take part in Tough Mudder Urban to raise money for The Royal Academy Of Culinary Arts, Adopt A School Trust. Teams will compete and take on the 5km and over 10 obstacle challenges. Find out more about Tough Mudder and how to take part here.

Later on in the year during the Rugby World Cup we will be hosting the Smallest Rugby Club World Cup where we will see grassroots teams coming together for a weekend festival. This is all about competition, building new friendships and celebrating sport. The aim will also be to illustrate how we can bring together both amateur sports with the professional. The event will be to support all four of the charities.

Come and get involved and join us in supporting these fantastic charities and help us make a difference.