EP Friday Discussion Forum – what is the future of the events industry?

EP were proud to host an interesting discussion forum with representatives from various parts of the hospitality industry about the future of events and the ideas currently being explored to try and stimulate growth. We are all desperate to go back and enjoy great events but what is possible for the now and the immediate future?

There is still a lot of confusion and disconnect when it comes to events both from a hosting as well as an attending perspective. Many corporates are not returning to the office or at the very best returning very slowly. How do employers manage their duty of care towards employees with their need to engage with employees and maintain a good business culture?

In sport and traditionally large scale events, many are looking at reducing numbers in attendance or using time slot allocation to ensure safety whilst still trying to provide a much needed experience. Is this enough? Traditional events spaces are being re-imagined. Hospitality is being re-imagined. Technology is being embraced to try to maximise the opportunity to host events, albeit virtually but is technology providing a good alternative to in person events? Many are embracing a hybrid between technology and the actual.

An interesting discussion which also highlighted the need for good communication and clarity as this is essential to rebuild the trust which has unfortunately been lost towards the events industry.