EP Friday Discussion Forum – Sarah Heward of the award winning The Real Food Cafe

Sarah was viewed as one of the Industry’s leading female leaders whilst holding the position of MD at Corney & Barrow; a highly recognisable, and well respected figure running an impressive business. In 2005, Sarah and her husband decided on a major lifestyle change and bought a former Little Chef in a great location close to Loch Lomond in Scotland. Initially Sarah had a different vision for the unit but whilst discussing finance options with her bank manager, she was persuaded that a Fish & Chip operations was an almost guaranteed success.

So from the glamour of Corney & Barrow to Fish & Chips, and a road side diner, Sarah has and continues to build a very successful and multi award winning business. Like millions of small businesses, Sarah’s has also been severely threatened by the Covid-19 crisis and they are fighting for their business’s future, look at innovative solutions and taking care of staff to ensure that they come back strong.

Sarah talks of her career, her journey, concerns and her hopes for the future.