EP: forging educational links in hospitality for emerging talent.

EP is currently in discussion with a leading global educationalist to create a series of informal networks for emerging talent to meet together collegiately online, from across the world, and share ideas and knowledge.

It has long been our ethos that bringing people together to share knowledge can only be of benefit to all. Our aim is to create international forums which bring emerging talent together. From different companies and countries, to share ideas and experiences.

Our own research has indicated a frustration amongst many that often their learnings become increasingly narrow as they go up the career ladder and yet they desire to understand and learn from other cultures and peers.

This is our goal: to create and develop an interactive international community, led by a top educational leader so that emerging talent can learn and talk to those in other sectors, countries and cultures.

There is another rationale which lies behind the idea. The industry has felt under constant pressure to retain talent ever since the beginning of the global pandemic with its weaknesses and shortcomings laid bare, with uncertainty being the only new constant.

Millions of professionals have consequently left the industry, and surveys suggest at least half of them do not plan to return.

The challenge now is to retain talent and create a belief that all can progress and will be actively supported to learn. The industry needs new structures.

While some brands, service and education providers attempt to seize this as an opportunity to grow, there is little doubt a new authentic level of excellence and customer focused luxury is needed to help pave the way for a bright future of what always will be a cornerstone in the human experience, that of genuine hospitality & care.

Our aim is to facilitate the new driving force in securing this bright future, where genuinely crafted seamless experiences help create wide ranging impactful experiences, with a particular focus on challenging and nurturing young entrepreneurial minds. The platform will be constantly evolving, sharing knowledge and best practices among select leaders, professionals and aspiring future leaders, all committed to the advancement of excellence in Hospitality.

The focus will be entertaining and positive featuring Hospitality news and highlights, narrating the inspiring stories and spotlighting the exceptional personalities behind them.

Could this initiative help create a needed environment for essential development of emerging talent and facilitate sharing of new ideas?

Written by Chris Sheppardson, Founder of EP Business in Hospitality