EP Food Tours Move East

EP Food Tours Move East 01.10.15

Since EP’s Soho Food Tours began earlier this year, they’ become a hugely popular way for participants to experience a varied selection of eclectic restaurant concepts in one afternoon, and they make for an effective tool to keep on top of food trends.
As part of our new EP Taste initiative we’ve now extended into Shoreditch, as like Soho it’s a magnet for new and exciting ideas, and packed with pop-ups, ground-breaking chefs and quirky concepts. An afternoon spent walking the gastronomic nooks and crannies of the heart of East London will give insight, inspiration and some delicious bites.
We will lead you through a thought-provoking journey visiting a range of recently opened and long established cafes and restaurants. We combine history, legacy and the new and exciting within a compact time frame that suits your group.

  • 3-hour food guided walking tour
  • Tastings at select restaurants
  • Discussions with operators about inspiration, customers and what they’ve noticed
  • A light meal at one of the locations
  • Small-tour group ensuring a more personal experience

Tours work best with 6-10 people and around 3pm-6pm, but depending on the venues we can be flexible.

Food tours of Shoreditch or Soho start at £60 for EP Taste members and £85 for non-members.

For more information about food tours or joining EP Taste please contact
Amy Lainchbury

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