The Leaders Class

About EP’s Leaders Class

A campaign that aims to change people’s thinking around leadership. Through real inputs and discussion, we are developing an agenda for the industry and beyond.

So much is written about leadership and so much of it is misleading and off the mark. In an increasingly fast, digitalised and individualistic society like the one we live in, there is a need for today’s leaders to think how to leave a legacy for the leaders of tomorrow.


Here some facts:

  • Digitalisation will be at its peak: by 2022 world’s first fully automated and robot-served hotel will open (The Future of Work, PWC)
  • Millennials spend 24 hours a week on their smartphone (Ipsos Mori).
  • It is reported that Millennials are three times more likely than other generations to reference social media networks when making purchase decisions, however personal values have the greatest influence on Millennials’ decision making at work (Deloitte)
  • In the UK there is a growing number of apps helping people to meditate. One of the most popular is now worth $250 million.
  • Organisations will have to balance the needs and requirements of four generations.

Today and tomorrow’s leaders share a vision. They both understand the value of old fashion qualities, however the latter struggle to develop those skills that help them feeling empowered. Both emerging and emerged leaders value authenticity and their role models therefore have to be authentic and have lived life based on their own values.

Our campaign will support those who have desire to develop real life skills in the following way:

  • Knowledge Share: EP Think Tanks and Leadership Lectures with key senior leaders from the sector sharing their experience and insights.
  • Social Skills and Public Speaking Development: The Hospitality Debating Society, a members club with a series debates/oratory that helps developing opinions into structured arguments.
  • Emotional Leadership: practical activities that helps creating stronger teams working together towards a goal as well as having fun.

Together we can push the agenda and develop real inputs on behaviours and leadership for the sector.

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