Innovation Forum

The Innovation Forum gathers together a group of forward thinking individuals who examine and discuss the trends, movements and developments within the hospitality sector – with a specific focus on all aspects of food and food service. The objective is to look at what is happening in the market now, and more importantly what is on the horizon for tomorrow?

The EP Innovation Forum

The inaugural EP Innovation Forum was hosted yesterday morning at the Enterprise Ireland Offices in London featuring a selection of new concepts, companies, and entrepreneurial endeavours showcasing their products and explaining more about their business.

The companies highlighted were

logo_mooshpic_mooshAs a concept, Moosh was initially thought up on the slopes at Whistler Ski Resort, Canada. An all natural fruit and smoothie bar operating since 2008, Moosh has since become a firm favourite in Fulham. Now looking to expand their business, company founder/directors Phil Shishmanian and Zoey Henderson gave a colourful presentation on what the business means to them and their exciting plans for the future.

logo_elevenSocial Media is not a marketing tool. It’s a means of communication, nothing more. According to The Eleven founder, Ben Gateley, many companies are getting it horribly wrong online because they have their thinking ‘wired wrong’. Ben’s presentation was engaging and thought provoking for everyone in the room and certainly raised many questions about online advertising and the effective use of social media in business.

pic_mattMatt Pumfrey from SCC gave a particularly illuminating presentation on “Get Smarter Energy Ltd” and how he can significantly drive down the cost of energy within a company utilising a unique financial offering that does not require client or third party funding. Did you know you could reduce your energy use, and hence cost, by 15-25%? Guests at the forum were particularly keen to know how this could be done – and the reasoning is deceptively simple.

partner_pressoirsAs the company name alludes to, Pressoirs de Provence was born in the orchards and gardens of Provence. Paul Radford delivered a presentation on a concept first realised in 1981 and which is now breaking into the UK market. Consisting of a range of over 40 high quality fruit juice and nectars including peach, strawberry, raspberry and morello cherry, the product is fresh and innovative proving an excellent alternative to the usual orange or apple juice.

logo_blinkThe brain child of Simon Carey, blink offers a new, dynamic and flexible approach to food & beverage provision in two ways. Firstly through self-operated cafes housed in uniquely deigned pods which are entirely mobile. And secondly by way of bring together a number of different recognised brands from the high street blink uses partnerships with other companies to offer a blend of offers. Simon delivered a well constructed presentation which focused on delivering what the customer wants as opposed to just that which the supplier is comfortable with and accustomed to providing.

logo_nextideaThe Next Idea is a US restaurant consultancy firm expanding in to the UK specialising in retail opportunities and new ventures. Philippa Cresswell delivered a compelling presentation on the TNI Log which is an application aimed at the food service sector that ensures operational checks are being executed and effectively enhances accountability.

logo_ohsoDid you know chocolate can be healthy, low in calories and contain your daily allowance of pro-biotics? Presented by John Dixey, Ohso is the tasty, healthy alternative to diary chocolate. Retailing at £3:99 for a 7-day supply, Ohso has proven popular with its online market, and the company is growing accordingly.

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