Industry Think Tanks – 2018

2018 is an exciting and daunting year for the hospitality industry. The sector has a client base which are not one homogenous group. This is also the same for employees. At the same time larger, more established companies are needing to breathe new life into their offer and look to become more versatile as smaller players use their size to be more agile and nimble. If 2017 was characterised by change, perhaps more so than ever, in 2018 businesses must reflect the diversity of customers and teams.

In 2017 EP held a number of events to support the development of original thinking and engagement in thought leadership among peers and across generations. Following these sessions, it became clear that relationships, partnerships and collaboration would be key going into 2018.

Consumers today want to recognise a businesses story and understand the purpose that connects them to the brand’s heritage and values. It is also important to link this to the proposition and this is understandable if credible.

It is about being bigger than the business, discussing the bigger picture and making action happen.

Think Tank’s:

EP is holding monthly ‘think tank’ type events during 2018. Attending these events will support the development of:

  • Lateral thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Adapting to and managing change
  • Networking and communication
  • Presenting a clear vision
  • Building trusted business relationships

Topics to be discussed over the course of the year:

  • The progress and importance of sustainability
  • People – what is going to happen after Brexit? What is the plan for the industry?
  • Technology and leadership combined to be effective
  • The changing face of foodservice and food at the core
  • Mental health and the role of hospitality
  • The rise of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • The celebration of British nostalgia and the role of legacy
  • How companies can be emotive and strong desire can lead change
  • Business have the power to be a force of good
  • How important it is for business to be transparent
  • Digital safety, fraud and viewability issues
  • How can business overcome empty celebrity associations and create meaningful partnerships
  • The importance of a ‘do’ not ‘say’ culture
  • What is the role of the influencer in hospitality
  • What is artificial intelligence and what or how do businesses go about using it
  • Target millennials and only millennials?

To get involved – whether sponsorship, hosting or attending – please contact