EP Emerging Leaders Discussion – with Suzanne Jackson – Communication and Advertising for the future

Communication and advertising are an essential topic for all businesses and an essential element to get correct especially in these difficult of times – both internally and externally.

We were therefore delighted to welcome Suzanne Jackson who has led a fascinating career which has included being a regional director with a leading pub company, to being involved with People 1st and today actively involved in advertising and communications for market leading businesses.

Communications and engagement have changed and continue to do so regularly. What is Suzanne’s perspective of how this has changed and what is important to consider? What key messages really do resonate with consumers today? How are consumers reacting in these most challenging of times? How does she view the Industry today and what are her thoughts for the future?

We also received valuable insight into Suzanne’s career. What have been her best lessons, her successes and challenges? She has truly reinvented herself and her career from operator to industry advisor to engagement; what have been the challenges she has faced in doing this?

Many questions answered and much knowledge shared. It is well worth listening to this discussion on a few of the most central of issues.