EP Discussion Forum – Could micro-markets be an innovative solution for the future of food service?

With ways of working having changed for the foreseeable future, if not forever, food service operators, employers, landlords, hoteliers and educators are having to embrace new thinking and innovation to continue to provide an important service, attract new revenue streams, maintain old ones and look to the future in a way they have not necessarily had to before.

EP were delighted to co-host with Anthony Groombridge, London Business Director of Liquidline to discuss the developing concepts of micro-markets and the associated use of smart technology as an alternative or supplement to traditional food service options.

Do micro-markets work for co working spaces or stadia? Are they an alternative solution to hotels with fluctuating occupancy levels with the need and opportunity to engage local communities? Could micro-markets support employers need to ensure the nutritional well-being of a fluctuating employee base in office space or could educators access this modular innovation to still provide for the needs in student accommodation? Ultimately, could micro-markets be the solution and a viable alternative for the traditional food offer?

A very interesting discussion and innovative offer, well worth a listen.