EP: creating frameworks to allow easy access to knowledge and insight

As we start to cast our eyes towards 2022 with hope, EP is already working on a full range of initiatives and forums which promote discussion, debate and knowledge share about the change to come.

· Supporting Innovation – EP has a long history of working with and promoting entrepreneurs and as we plan ahead, we are excited to once again be looking to be hosting interactive sessions between new concepts and ideas with investors/industry experts

· The New Great Service Debate – alongside a major industry operator, EP will be hosting a series of events which do look at how service will once again become a key differential in Hospitality.

· A need for change in Higher Education – Hospitality schools do play such a major role in the development of younger talent. Many argue that the model is broken but how can it be supported and changed?

· New solutions in leadership development – if ever there has been a need to enable and empower young leaders, it is surely now? EP has been closely supportive of Ritrovo in promoting new solutions which can help all talent.

· Gastronomica – creating a collaboration of over 40 companies coming together to find a voice and platform for changes in food sustainability

· The New Afternoon Tea – working with UKCC and The London Tea Exchange to create a new offer which brings global teas and culture right to the forefront.

· HotelZero – in partnership with Innovation Gateway, looking at how carbon neutral strategies can be developed and delivered?

· Promotion of great food within schools – via the launch of new awards in Scotland which seek to highlight the great works taking place in nurturing the young

· Fuelling productivity – food serves to bring people together and feel valued like little else. It plays an important role in daily life. How can this message be promoted?

EP is fortunate to work with and partner with many of the industry’s leading experts who help us to bring the above to life.

Together we can share knowledge and find stronger roads forward.