EP Communications

The world is changing in many ways and at great speed but in other ways it is going back to almost old values. Communications has changed and whilst it can appear to be a far more complex piece, there is a move back towards valuing relationships that are about trust and substance and the importance of people stories. A brand alone is no longer good enough – there needs to be a link to real figures that the audience can identify with.

One of the major changes that has taken place is that effective communication is about developing an on-going conversation with the market – one that will involve the audience and not one that is just talking at the audience. In past times, communications was often a game of “smoke and mirrors”. This no longer is effective as the audience is more knowledgeable and actually wants a genuine, authentic story that it can relate to.

Our Approach

…….is to proactively engage and develop storylines

Communications has not changed as much as people believe. The platforms have changed and organisations must tailor how they communicate in the modern era.

The consumer is still – and should always be – at the heart of it all. If anything they are even more important as the consumer now communicates their own thoughts far more openly and freely. Communications today is transparent, fast paced and one needs to be quick to react. The key is not to be afraid of this and not try to overly control the message.

How can EP Communications help?

It is so easy to lose sight of what is happening externally in the market and EP’s value is multi faceted:

  • We can bring an objective view of the market and the key influences at play.
  • We understand the sector and can constructively challenge a strategy
  • We can both devise and implement communications
  • We have expertise drawn from other industries that can bring fresh eyes and fresh thoughts to the table.

The Communications Team: