EP Communications

Communication delivered. Market engaged.

As a leading communicator on business thinking and opinion in the hospitality industry, EP is perfectly positioned to support companies on their communication strategies. This is completed through business facilitation, storytelling and engaging external markets.

An array of clients is supported through various marketing and communication strategies including printed publications, digital platforms, newsletter tactics, videos, social media platforms and crucially events.
Each strategy is crafted to suit businesses objectives and EP’s strength is always listening to the market.

Opening doors through business facilitation

EP has over ten years’ experience in marketing and communications and publishes stimulating content on two websites which are both written for senior players in the hospitality and related industries.

  • epmagazine.co.uk – The central reference point for key discussion and debates in the hospitality and related industries. Traditional thinking is challenged and the aims is always to improve the level and support for people, business and industry.
  • epinsights.co.uk – Stimulating insight from operators and consultants in the hospitality and related industries. EP Insights is the hub for an open narrative and debate that explains the perspective and thinking in the market.

The latest knowledge and insight from both platforms are consistently communicated via newsletters. Subscribe to this stimulating content here.

The Importance of Storytelling

Too many companies just communicate a message and almost talk at their audience. In today’s multi channelled comms world, the key is to develop a series of storylines, over a period of time, – to engage clients and ask them to follow the story and learn about the lead players. It is no different to a TV series – one build loyalty through emotional connection and relationships – it is cannot be just a cold transaction and relationship. It is important to develop a consistent process that does tell a story

Unique Events

EP prides itself on a strong framework which facilitates sustainable growth for businesses. Whether opening doors for new relationships which lead to added value or building trust and belief in emerging businesses, EP’s passion is facilitating success.

Communication Delivered

  • Publications – Books, Magazines, Reports
  • Digital – Websites, Newsletters, Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • VideoEP’s YouTube Channel
  • Events – Creating and running. From five to 200 and from roundtable discussions to charity balls and conferences
  • Industry campaigns – Raising the bar of the hospitality industry

Market Engaged

Sample of leading events:

  • Evening panel discussion with sporting personalities – bringing the worlds of sport and business together for people development
  • Service Debate Series on how to achieve great service across the entire industry
  • Walks to raise money for charity and get people doing something different
  • Tasting with leading caterer on a new solution for a troubled market
  • Many more

To find out and become involved please contact EP here.