EP – Bringing new voices and thinking to the fore

At EP we pride ourselves in bringing a wide spectrum of ideas, voices, discussions and debates to the market, as well as providing a platform for many to grow and engage.

We have many exciting projects to look out for and get involved in this year, some of these include:

  • Creating knowledge share opportunities for fresh thinking and innovation
    • from new hospitality education solutions to immersive experiences
    • from products and services to innovative industry altering technology
    • from new hotel solutions to challenging the status quo
  • Supporting talent within local and international hotel schools
    • giving a platform for young talent to share their thoughts and ideas with the industry
    • supporting graduate talent with new innovation and entrepreneurial business ideas to access support and a platform for growth
  • The Sir Garry Hawkes Story
    • supporting Sir Garry in the publication of his book, the story of his life and life of leadership which shaped a large part of the food service industry
  • Entrepreneurs Pitch
    • partnership with Global law firm Bird & Bird to provide a platform for innovative businesses to pitch their solutions and products thereby continuing to provide solutions and improvements within the industry
  • Creating Innovation Centres within businesses
    • to help businesses access innovation, talent and fresh thinking to support their growth and development of their service offer
  • Host over 50 events this year
    • to provide a knowledge share and engagement platform for businesses
    • to share innovation and solutions
    • to challenge thinking and behaviours
    • to enable opportunities for collaboration and improvement
  • The London Food Forum with John Harris
    • creating discussion and knowledge share forums to explore food innovation, trends and solutions
    • to promote fresh thinking
  • Giving a voice to Business Partners
    • to support business partners develop their narrative and support their engagement within the industry
    • provide a platform for sharing of their innovation and solutions
    • to support collaboration and business growth

We are passionate about supporting, promoting and enabling as we believe that only through collaboration and knowledge share can real change be created.

Should you wish to know more or get involved, please contact lauran.bush@epmagazine.co.uk