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“We understand the industry is made up of the self-made, the educated, the quick learners, the instinctive, the craftsmen, and the flair players. This is what makes it all such an exciting environment to work within, but the framework that supports leadership development needs to be equally broad…”


After a long period of time when industry asked where are tomorrow’s leaders, there is more and more evidence that a natural succession is taking place with new leaders emerging who hold new ideas, values and vision. Of course we do not yet know if we have begun the road out of recession, but if we have at least started the journey, then the next few years could be very exciting as the years after recession are often a period of positive energy.

It will be no different this time and as EP has often written about, we have found the Emerging Leaders Network has reflected this evolution.

montage1EP Ascent is designed to provide external support to those that want sounding boards and to focus on developing leadership skills. We acknowledge and understand different approaches work for different people. The industry is made up of the self-made, the educated, the quick learners, the instinctive, the craftsmen, and the flair players. This is what makes it all such an exciting environment to work within, but the framework that supports leadership development needs to be equally broad. Hence we have worked hard to find an approach that is varied and can be designed for an individual or a team that can include:

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  • `The International Leadership School (based through Strathclyde Business School)
  • Individual coaching and mentoring
  • The Make Waves programme, which promotes learning from different industries
  • Outward Bound weekend challenges – testing your character in different environments

We have some the best experts in their fields working with us including:

  • Professor Peter Jones MBE
  • The team from the International Leadership School
  • Numerous former board directors

We will work with you to design a course that supports individual or team needs. Our objective is to ensure that real leadership development is accessible and open for those that want to learn and grow.

So come and talk to us.

Introducing Miriam Staley

image2Miriam Staley is the founder and MD of We Make Waves, a company which lives and breathes the impact that well-crafted and superbly delivered messages can have. Focused on helping senior management to identify, nurture and get results from their people, they work with executive teams to create a clear ‘thought’ agenda and then source talented experts from an extensive resource pool to deliver tailor-made solutions which maximise the performance of a company’s people, culture and brand.

MakeWaves supports clients with their communications strategies, learning and development programmes and executive leadership development, as well as placing the highest quality speakers into conferences and events.

Miriam is a professional speaker and presenter herself who first came into the public’s consciousness when she appeared as a contestant on the original series of the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’. Notably receiving the show’s only apology from Sir Alan Sugar after firing her, she went on to develop her varied business career, going from the world of hospitality and hotel management to take on a high-level corporate marketing role with Lloyds TSB, before leaving to have her two delicious children and pursue her entrepreneurial interests.

Professor Peter Jones MBE comments on the nature of leadership development:

image3“Leadership is not easy. It is not easy to define, for centuries writers and philosophers and historians have considered and pondered on the question ‘what makes a good leader?’ The answer is complex and different writers will have a different perspective, not only on the complexity but also the characteristics of leadership. The study of leaders and leadership can provide insights and understanding of leadership, but in themselves cannot create or make individuals leaders. That must come from an understanding of themselves and the context and situation in which they find themselves. Self-awareness and the willingness to learn are key considerations in answer to the question ‘what makes a good leader?’

“Developing leadership skills is perhaps best described by Anthony Jay, a previous British Ambassador to Washington when he said ‘the only real training for leadership, is leadership itself’.

“The leadership component in the recently developed Master Innholders Aspiring Leadership Programme is designed to create situations in which the delegates can test themselves and understand their own strengths and weaknesses as leaders. By taking individuals outside of their normal working environments and their individual ‘comfort zones’, by putting them in leadership positions in teams, by challenging them both intellectually and physically you create the context, environment and opportunity for them to experience the challenges that it takes to be a leader. It is through their experience they begin to understand the characteristics of leadership, the importance of communication and how they personally can develop as the future leaders of the industry.”


The Savoy Educational Trust made a major announcement this week, launching its own MBA Programme with Cranfield School of Management. The Trust will invest £100,000 in fully funding up to three MBAs per year, guaranteed for an initial three years. Individuals may choose their preferred method of study, either full time over one year or the Executive MBA which his undertaken on a part time basis over a period of 24 months. Applications are now welcome for the first intake for the full-time MBA commencing in September 2013 or the Executive MBA commencing in January 2014.

Full details of the eligibility criteria and the selection process is available on the Trust’s website http://www.savoyeducationaltrust.org.uk/MBA.cfm

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