EP Alphabet – Where will your ‘D’​ lead you in 2019

D – EP Alphabet

By Sara Stewart, Consultant, EP Business in Hospitality

As with all letters, they make up the beginning middle and end of every word, every sound and everything in between. Every letter therefore being as important as the next, some used more often, some very little but all hang together to form something written, spoken or listened to.

Every letter can form emotions, alliances, relationships, form words and describe everything……………. So, what is the Letter ‘D’.

The Letter ‘D’ is used in many different forms, from Music, Maths and Physics, in sport as Defence or as an element or compound. It is fourth in the Latin Alphabet but not in others, it is below a C but above E, it can be Dangerous or Desirable, Delusional or Dreamy – it can all be in the Detail or simply Detached.

Our letter ‘D’ is all about Determination. A Middle English word (c1350-1400) given the definition of ‘a boundary or conclusion’ – but Determination is perhaps better described as being about resolution, purpose, resolve and Drive.

The Hospitality business, whether that be described as Hotels, restaurants, catering or travel all thrive around these fundamental and core initiatives shown and demonstrated by staff, managers, owners or businesses. Resolution and Purpose can be seen through out the wider hospitality business and the people who work within this industry have always tried hard to show resolve in the face of difficulty and Drive to develop the ever-changing face of Hospitality.

Determination or Self Determination has a personal and psychological meaning and is the ability of making our own choices and controlling our lives.

People generally like to feel in control of their lives and yet we witness so often the Determination of people who have had control taken away, be that through political strife, war, famine or simply poor choices. We also see great Determination from entrepreneurs, Olympic Sports stars and young innovative people wanting to make a difference – all have Determination to change, Lead and make a difference.

So, as we head into what will certainly be an ‘interesting’ New Year, what will your Determination lead you towards? Where will you focus your Determination? And perhaps most importantly will your Determination last?

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